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2021 Church Directory Update

Your Church Life and Outreach Committee is working to prepare an updated church directory! This time around we will be updating only the contact information section - that means no new photos this year.


This directory is not limited to church members. Its purpose is to be a resource to our extended church family. Our hope is to include as many members and friends of Great Valley as possible. Please help us to make this new edition as comprehensive as we can!

An electronic draft version of the directory was sent via our church newsletter (contact if you didn't receive it). Check your information in the draft carefully, then complete the form below by April 30 to inform us of any changes (or check the box to let us know that your info is correct). If you are new to our congregation, if you've relocated, or if your information was printed incorrectly in the 2019 edition, this is your chance to update us.

Church Directory Update Form
(for changes or new families)

Thanks for submitting!

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