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Greg Porter

Greater Philadelphia Area

The Daniel Foundation

"For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?" - Mark 8:36

The Daniel Foundation derives its name from the book of Daniel, in which God’s people were faithful to Yahweh while in exile, living in foreign land filled with foreign deities. Because God’s greatest commandment, to “love one’s neighbor as oneself,” is tDf's greatest concern, we walk alongside men from every location on the spiritual spectrum, offering our presence, support and timely service as they journey through life’s many peaks and valleys.

Some men are best aided by providing a quiet setting in which to stop, settle and think out loud about relational, vocational or parental dilemmas they face. This happens in one-on-one and in small group settings. Still other men, who are spiritually alert but religiously disillusioned, seek help in developing a more meaningful relationship with Christ, or perhaps becoming (re)connected to a church. Still others need assistance as they explore the Christian faith, in a serious way, for the first time. I cannot thank GVPC enough for their generous and enduring partnership without which, this mission would not be possible.

Greg Porter
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