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Adult Christian Education opportunities at Great Valley Presbyterian Church aim to:

  • Empower disciples to hunger for the truth found in God’s Word and to obey its teachings.

  • Engage all people in the process of becoming more Christ-like.

  • Equip followers of Jesus to serve the Kingdom both in the church and in the community.

  • Enrich relationships within our body of Christ as we study, fellowship, and grow together.

To accomplish this goal, we provide Sunday morning classes that follow a Bible Track (touching on the whole counsel of God) and a Discipleship Track (allowing for teaching and training in application of Scripture).

A Study in 1 Kings:
Promises, Prophets, and Kings

September - October 2023

1 Kings starts with David on his death bed in 971 BC and ends with the death of evil King Ahab in 852 BC. Despite God’s promises, miracles, and gifts, various Hebrew rulers turned away from God and followed the ways of the world. In this class some of the topics we will cover are King Solomon, the divided Kingdom, King Ahab and the prophet Elijah. Join us is considering how the events recorded in 1 Kings demonstrate that humanity is unable to create a perfect kingdom and how we must put our trust in Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

GVPC Adult Ed Sep Oct 2023 1 Kings.jpg

A Praying Church

September - October 2023

In this 7 week class, we’ll explore themes presented in Paul Miller’s book A Praying Church. Through prayer and study together, we’ll seek to gain a biblical vision for corporate prayer as the “breathing lungs" or "beating heart" of the church. We’ll trace the Scriptural connections of corporate prayer to the presence of the Holy Spirit, and (hopefully) gain a practical understanding of how the Trinity works together to breathe life into the church… through the prayers of the body of Christ. Come ready to study, discuss, and pray with others!

GVPC Adult Electives Sep Oct 2023 Praying Church.jpg

The next round of electives begin September 10. You can sign up by clicking here; while not required, your registration is helpful to us in preparing classroom assignments and layouts.

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