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Adult Christian Education opportunities at Great Valley Presbyterian Church aim to:

  • Empower disciples to hunger for the truth found in God’s Word and to obey its teachings.

  • Engage all people in the process of becoming more Christ-like.

  • Equip followers of Jesus to serve the Kingdom both in the church and in the community.

  • Enrich relationships within our body of Christ as we study, fellowship, and grow together.

To accomplish this goal, we provide Sunday morning classes that follow a Bible Track (touching on the whole counsel of God) and a Discipleship Track (allowing for teaching and training in application of Scripture).

Bible Track
Johannine Epistles

March - April 2024

The Johannine epistles – 1, 2, and 3 John – provide us with insights from the earliest believers in Jesus. The letters encourage us to think deeply about many topics, such as what it means to love God and one another, as well as how to handle false teachings and teachers. As we read through these letters together, we’ll learn more about God and his love for us. This class will be taught by many teachers with a new person leading each week.

GVPC Adult Education March and April 2024 1 2 3 John.jpg

Discipleship Track

March - April 2024

In the discipleship track, we will be studying the topic of forgiveness with an emphasis on what the Bible teaches as we study various passages of scripture. We will also consider some of the key insights and principles Tim Keller presents in his book, Forgive. Forgiving others is not something that is easy to do. However, God’s Word gives us guidance and God’s grace gives us the resources to become forgiving people. We will be learning why we should forgive and seeking to learn how we can forgive others. As fellow disciples of Jesus we will have opportunity to support and encourage one another as we seek to learn how to become those who practice forgiveness in our relationships with others.

GVPC Adult Education March and April 2024 forgiveness.jpg
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