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We welcome young people in 5th-12th grade to our youth group which meets regularly on Sunday evenings for games, a time of small group Bible study and worship.


G3 as we call it (reflecting on the Great Grace of God) is an active, relational, and reflective group of Middle School and High School students.


This group is led by Brian Hilton and a team of adults who love kids and Jesus. Brian can be reached at

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  • Who can attend?
    Anyone in grades 5-12.
  • When is it, and where?
    Sunday evenings from 6-8pm in the GVPC chapel. (Go to the white double doors in the front parking lot.)
  • What do you do on Sunday evenings?
    G3 youth group is a unique time of fellowship involving games, Bible study, worship, and prayer. We seek to follow Jesus together and have a ton of fun while doing so! Did I mention that we also have snacks? (Allergy accommodations are made as needed!)
  • What else do you do?
    We love to spend time together so much that we meet throughout the year for a variety of special events like retreats, lock-ins, and more!
  • What does G3 mean?
    G3 stands for “Great Grace of God.”
  • Who leads G3 youth group?
    G3 is led by GVPC’s Youth Director, Brian Hilton along with a fantastic team of volunteers. Each has up-to-date child protection clearances on file and loves investing in the lives of the students. Additionally, all leaders happily comply with the church’s Child Protection Policy.
  • How can fifth graders through high school seniors go to the same youth group?
    Quite well, actually! One of our youth group’s strengths is that older students welcome and include younger students, and vice versa. If we are addressing a difficult topic or need to divide middle school and high school, then we do, but for most events and weekly meetings, we all hang out together. It’s great to see some of the older students serve as role models for the younger ones.
  • What’s the benefit of attending G3 youth group?
    Attending G3 is a great way to grow in your walk with God, or maybe even meet Him for the first time! It’s also a good opportunity to make friends, study the Bible, and ask questions about life! We do it all together, so nobody is left out. Many of our leaders actually once attended G3 and can tell you about how God used it in their lives!
  • What if I’m nervous about attending for the first time?
    First of all, that is totally understandable! Here are three suggestions if you’re nervous. Invite a friend. You’re always welcome to bring a friend (the more, the merrier!). Bring a friend with you, and you can both be “new” together. Talk to Brian, and one of the leaders or students can meet you and walk in with you! Talk to Brian about any questions you may have. If interested, he will schedule time with you to walk you through a typical night at youth group, show you where to go, etc.
  • What if I’m a parent who’s nervous about my child attending the first time?
    Talk to Brian, or ask one of the pastors, elders, or deacons to introduce you to a parent who can tell you more. They can show you where things happen or answer any questions.
  • How do I know what’s going on with youth group?
    The best way is to email Brian ( and ask to be put on the email list to receive his weekly updates! Alternatively, you can always check the church website or bulletin.
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