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Be a Barnabas

In Acts 4:36, Barnabas was called the “Son of Encouragement.” 


GVPC has Barnabas Groups for each of the individual missionaries in our church budget.

As an individual “Barnabas,” you will LEARN about your missionary(-ies), PRAY for them, ENCOURAGE via email, and PROMOTE them and their prayer requests among your GVPC friends. You will receive a picture and brief bio, a recent newsletter, contact info of the others in your Barnabas Group, and some suggested ways to “be a Barnabas.” 


Do you have a space in your heart and day to partner with a missionary? To hold them up and “spur them on to good works?” Please sign up below to be a member! You may select the missionary of your choice, or opt to be assigned where needed. You can learn about many of our missionaries on our missions tab or by visiting the missions display outside the church library.

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