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“The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, ‘Come (Revelation 22:17a).’”

If you read the two previous posts, you may remember that Jesus has spoken with yet another “I am” statement in which he revealed something more of his identity to us. He is the fulfillment of all that was promised in the scriptures of old. He is the one who will bring the peace we have always longed for but have never known. And he is the one whose coming announces the dawn of a new age (the bright morning star).

If we have truly heard and understood who Jesus is, then we will have a longing within us that cannot be kept back. The indwelling Spirit will indeed prompt us, as the bride of Christ, to say to Jesus: “Come.” And the one who has listened to the message of this revelation given to John will also say to Jesus: “Come.”

This longing and cry for Jesus to come is surely a mark of the Spirit’s work in our lives. In John’s gospel, we hear the teaching of Jesus regarding the Holy Spirit. Jesus says of the Spirit: “He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you (John 16:14).”

Yet this longing for Jesus to come is also a sign of one who has listened well to God’s Word and in particular this revelation given to John. When we read the scriptures, our love for this world begins to wane. This is true in part because we see the ugly truth of this world, and in part because we see the beauty of our Savior who has loved us like none other.

What is your greatest longing? What do you most wish to be true of the unknown future that lies ahead? To simply return to “normal?” To be free of COVID-19? Or to obtain the things we used to yearn for - a good job, a secure bank account, a model family? Know this: all of these things pale in comparison to what will be true when Jesus comes. So, the sign of true spiritual maturity would be for us to speak in a Spirit-prompted fashion and say to our Savior: “Come!”

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